As you all know, my pursuit of connecting with other artists is paramount in cultivating knowledge about not only other forms of creativity but also the process each takes to define, express and share with the world the internal process to which all can catch a glimpse of.

Recently I discovered a beautifully designed wood piece in my clients acupuncture office and was so wow’ed by the detail, delicateness and functionality that I had to inquire about who’s hands had sculpted such a work of art. It lead me to Kai, a builder, sculptor, creator, educator and more.

As I spent the day with him and in true fashion when two artists connect with curiosity about one another, it is a wonderful collaboration of thoughtful projections, an idea driven session of what is truly possible in the world in which we try to articulate through personal interpretation the essence of our experience and process. Needless to say I walked away riveted by the topics we spanned and the inspiration that still resonates with me today.

Kai is one of those artists that feels his work, senses it’s potential magnitude and also understands its impermanence outside of his process, hoping to touch others the way each piece has touched him. The crafting of any art form is, as artists, tempered with a degree of understanding that patients us to a stillness of knowing… it may or may not be liked, it may or may not be seen the way we see it, it may be the best or worst comparatively… if we accept our lives as true artists, the process deepens us to an openness that allows for flexibility, possibilities beyond that which we thought was possible. Let me be clear, artistry, to me it is defined by a way of being in the world that cultivates innovation, where ideas transpires out of the norm, spanning every field we choose to study.

The photographs I took while visiting Kai’s home studio and work shop show the influence of sculptural art forms, constructing intersections without hardware, displaying dynamic expression, using material that once was “home” for other creatures and the complexity and warmth of smells from burning wood as simulated when cutting . It is a menagerie of interactions throughout the process that makes one piece of art work a series of experiences unseen by those that receive the final product. It goes without saying that his clients and society are remembering how to be emotionally sensitive to the subtleties even if they are unseen.


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