“Born to throw”… At the end of ceramics class a student pulled me into a private room to relay that the professor said this to an advanced student.

One thing I’d like to tell all parents out there…. listen to your kids and cultivate their true talents… so that they can do what they were born to do before they waste a life trying to fill the dreams of others.

Today made me happy, because I got to return to the same place I was when taking an arts class in my second year of college (18yrs old)… where the professor and head of the department basically told me to abandon what my father had set in front of me (which I failed at miserably) to do because she saw natural artistic talent in me.

I still peruse art in many forms besides photography and although I may not find grandeur, awards or honors from my successes, I will create for the rest of my life to make up for time lost. Help your kids discover their dreams early and cultivate their great minds.


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