I am launching a new site in the next few weeks and as I review my work I become ever so aware that I have an enormous amount of work that has never been shown to an audience other than a few friends. My goal in building this new site is to introduce to you a perspective of me as an artist not only from where I stand but from where I stood 10 years ago.

Without formal schooling nor training from mentors, I was determined to find my own voice. I was so set on doing so in those early years that I refused to study photographers that came before me nor those around me. I wanted to be my own guide, my own teacher… It does not mean that my imagery hasn’t been influenced by what I saw in a world of art and artists, it only means I forged ahead with my own inspiration and a single pursuit.

Here is a sneak peak of a few shots I took in my second year of carrying a camera in my hand, while perusing a voice in photography and a career. Just to be clear, without those that came before me and those that stand with me every day, I would not have succeeded this many years without them.

Thank you to those that let me photograph them and for participating in the trans-formative years of what is now my career in photography.


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