A few weeks ago I got a call from Safeway to capture stills at the test kitchen in California for which the images would be used to market a nation wide campaign search to find the Next Chef to join the team.

The Photo Manager at Safeway stated that photography would be secondary to video and that I would be relying on their lighting set-up to get what ever I could while working around the crew. Being an indoor, windowless kitchen I worried that without my own lighting, I would not have the means to articulate the look and feel that is apparent in my work, let alone working behind another crew.

Knowing the limitations helped me understand that I could let go of this aspect of the day. As hard as it was, when I did, relief quickly rushed over and I began to focused on what it was I could effect… Perspective and moments which are key in my photography.

I started to make my way into the intimate angles of the scene, focusing on the energy and excitement of the moment. This way of working without regard to lighting allowed me to be freer than under any other circumstance. It started to become apparent that what I was capturing was much more unique than anticipated which in turn started catching the attention of the Photo Manager and the Creative Manager. I had found advocates in them as they requested “we need Shae to shoot this before we move on.”

Together the three of us created a library of images that are being used in many ways for my client, from Safeway’s Facebook page to internal newsletters. Below are just a few that are on their Facebook page:

Safeway’s search for the NEXT CHEF



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