This blog post is dedicated to Eve Arnold, a wonderfully brilliant female photographer that influenced many by her story telling and natural yet impactful imagy in every environment. She would have been 100 years old this year, but for ever she will live in a realm that I hope guides us all in our photographic careers.

Some of her most memorable subjects included Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, Jacqueline Kennedy, Margaret Thatcher, Malcolm X, and Queen Elizabeth II

“Eve Arnold, one of the first woman photojournalists to join the prestigious Magnum Photography Agency in the 1950s…” “Starting in 1951, when career women were a rarity, Arnold navigated distant countries and cultures, photographing horse trainers in Mongolia, factory workers in China and harem women in Dubai.” “Her photo essays appeared in feature news magazines and in the many books she compiled.” By Mary Rourke, Special to the Los Angeles Times

Eve Arnold


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