Five Fingers

Why do they call them 5 fingers…? After all they are on our feet.

I am just picking up running as an extra activity until my shoulder/finger injury from climbing/surfing heals…maybe I might stick with it as I’ve found “off roading” to be a bit of an adrenaline rush… think hills, single track and forest running. I have a few other weaknesses that have hindered me in the past from really loving running like ACL, MCL and meniscus tears and lower back compression all from 30yrs of competitive sports not to mention SUPER high arches. So combining the newness of running with said injuries I figured giving the 10 Toe Shoe Socks a try.

As I put on my new hideous shoes and began to walk out the door…I thought to myself “should I wear other shoes until I get to the trail head so no one see’s me in these?” But I braved out the front door destined to not worry about being judged or looked at with a circus amusement in the eyes of passerby’s as they gazed at my bizarrely shaped shoes. One stop before running…LATTE!! I go into Peets and try to hide myself in a corner now realizing I have entered into a more trafficked area than the front of my house or the trail head. The woman working behind the counter comes around and over to me and says “how do you like those? my boyfriend has a pair and he swears by them.” I respond with a smile and embarrassed response of “Im not sold as it’s my first time out” followed by a cringe as I scurry away with my latte.

So off I go to GG Park for a trot through the dirt for a short and easy run/walk to break in my feet, calf and body to the new sensation of being without inches of cushion below my feet. WELL…. let me say a few things before I begin to laugh aloud at the sheer image of me today trying to run! They are good for posture and form… of which I could use more help in that department. I had a bit of a tight calf from running two days prior of which began to scream with a burning sensation as I started running in my new torcher mock socks. You want to watch out for random things on the trail that are perched and waiting for your new vibrams to tromp on like diamond shaped rocks, heroin needles and pricker bushes all of which become yet another obstacle on the course in GG Park. Uphill running in these things are amazing! Downhills, not so much unless you want to gingerly prance like a ballerina and float to the bottom… did I mention I like adrenaline rushes which would entail letting my full weight and cadence to speed up at such a rate I could barley keep my feet under me as I hurdle downward as fast as I possibly can. When these little suckers get wet, your feet get really cold. The other thing is that Sh*t kept getting stuck in between my toes!

Final verdict… will be good for clear paths, moderate running or sprinting on the flats and help with form and being sensitive to injury and weaknesses.



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