Figuring it out…

Seems like 2011 has left me feeling a bit confused as to which direction to go… perhaps that’s because I have more than a few interests… going back to school, starting a non-profit, teaching, becoming a fine artist. My path in life is more similar to a Portuguese Man-of-War than anything else…although seemingly like a single entity, it is actually a colonial organism made up of many minuet individuals…extending itself through long intricate tentacles…

There is this one tentacle, photography, that has been the most extensive of them all and one I fill most of my time with. I recently started looking at my portfolio (website) and have realized that it is not at all capitalizing on what it is that I do best. When I look at it, I even get confused. So I’ve been contemplating this dilemma to try and come up with a way to capture what it is that I do best. Even when asked what I shoot, I try to quantify the many areas that I am skilled at in taking photographs. I inevitability get to a point of trying to define an array of seemingly non-cohesive subjects to my peers… many cannot understand how one person can do Architecture, Corporate Portraits, Advertising, Weddings and even Arial photography. I usually get a “nod” and a “ohhh, ok.”

So I think I’ve come up with a possible solution to link them all together in a way that will lead my audience to understand that I can be one thing to them while doing many. I don’t have to say I’m only “a architectural photographer” or only “a portrait photographer” etc…I feel more like a storyteller. I know there are many artists that tell stories and usually they do it through a specific means or medium, using the same formula to get similar results only to change but a few objects or material… for me I change it all, I speak through many mouths of art and many volumes of colors… I don’t want to be defined as one type of artist.

So the story goes… The photo above was taken the night before a photo shoot to test the lighting. Also, a few days before this image was captured, I was feeling old at 39yrs and mostly because my career seemed stale and uneventful as opposed to the adventures that were keeping me sharp in both body and mind.  So I shaved the side of my head as a rebellious act to the pressure of society to conform to what a 39yr old woman should be…proper. But all I have ever wanted to do since I was 17yrs old, against my fathers words “you will never make money doing art!” was to peruse things that communicate and express so eloquently what words cannot…. sculpture, painting, music, photography, dance, etc…

I am grateful for this image and what it represents, I see a younger me. I see the 17yr old in art class where the seed was set, the 32yr old who abandoned a computer career to follow a dream…and the 39yrs old, realizing that no matter at what age, I will always have the vibrancy and tenacity to change what is in front of me… 


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