Just a quick update on what’s been going on in my world. Yesterday I had my first experience tutoring young girls in grades 6th-9th and I have to say “I loved it!” One of the best memories I will take from the experience is something a young girl said to me at the end of the day “wow, I usually never remember things like that!” Her project was to measure peoples heights using centimeters with a US units ruler. Let it be known, for me metrics and conversions are sometimes difficult and unpleasant…why the U.S. cant convert?

So the conversions began! After she came back with the measurements in Inches, she then multiplied inches x  2.54cm to get the total height of a person in cm’s. So I let her do the long math a few times which proved to be time consuming and not to much fun for her.

2.56 x 62

= 157.5

After her third one, I showed her how she could make a short cut in doing the math using the US units ruler. If 1” = 2.56, then 12″ = 30.5. If someone is 5’2″ (as shown above) then you could just multiply 5′ x 30.5 + 2″ x 2.54 = height in cm. Now the math was simpler:

5 x 30.5 = 152.5

2 x 2.56 = 5

152.5 + 5 = 157.5

Now she saw the way to doing shorter math but I also had her guess average figures for someone’s height using the simple math. We went from long math, to short math to working with out pen and paper. She began to see how quickly she could figure out cm from inches by using averages.

At the end of the day and after working on other subjects the evening was coming to a close. We were laughing and talking about other topics during the final moments of clean-up. I paused for a second and asked her…”do you remember how many centimeters are in an inch?” She looked at me with a surprise and said 2 something… 2. 34…. 2.45… and finally she paused for a second and said 2.54. With a smile bigger than I could have hoped for, she said “I cant believe I remembered that, wow, I usually never remember things like that.”

I wanted to have fun on my first day and also take the mundane and sometimes boring tasks of school (measuring heights) and turn it into something that can be digestible and  applied immediately. It goes without saying, I am looking forward to next week!!!!


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  1. Hey Shae,
    This sounds so great! How inventive you were – what a great team the two of you made. Your menthe’s are so lucky to receive your gifts and you are lucky to connect with young women in such a meaningful way. You go girl!

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