Personal Work

What is personal work? How do you define what is personal? And what is work? They seem to have a conflicting reference to each other. If it’s personal than it’s not work. And if it’s work than it’s not personal. Or perhaps you work on your person and your person is the work. So for me this statement represents something of all combination’s.

My personal work is not what I go out to do to find pure enjoyment, because for me I am not working on my person. I am purely enjoying.

Lots of people ask “why don’t you photograph your outdoor adventures?” The truth is, I would never want to put my camera in between that which I am so purely enjoying and make it “work.” This is the best way for me to describe what it means for me to be personal (invested, interested, curious, discovery driven, enlightened by…etc.) and what it means to work (deliberate, dedicated, driven, focused, doubting, fearful…etc).

So here I show you a collage of images from a photo shoot that was suppose to encompassing change and be naturally lit, lifestyle driven, with open space and wider views. But what transpired and brought me to a completely different look was a last minute change and scramble for a new location 18hrs before call time. We were slated for a space that was big, open, warm, that had “natural light” capabilities and access to the brand we were interested in. What transpired was a small 4×4 room that had florescent lights, bad shelving units, beige carpet that ran up the walls and tinted green mirrors… but the shoot went on anyway.

I do believe that in the space of change there can come great opportunity, lessons to be learned and growth to be had. Three of us crammed into a dressing room that hadn’t been updated in 15yrs. Needless to say, we got to know each other pretty well and I was extremely happy about that. These are but a few of the images captured that day.

There are more images and they will be posted shortly. For now, these are the ones that I have worked on putting together so far. It still challenges me to look at these images and not want to discard them because I didn’t get to shoot it the way I wanted. There is also success in these images, something from nothing, constraints that did not shut down the shoot and connections and bonds that have a richness to them because of the circumstances. This is the definition of personal work for me.

Stlyist: Heather Sansky

Model: Sukhdeep Mann

Photographer: your’s truly



  1. You know what else they call it? “Testing”. I think this is exactly testing. You had a plan, things went south, you came up with a new plan. That’s how it goes.

    Good job.

    • Testing, yes. We have all tested. When you go beyond building your book and it becomes a creative process and personal, which this is, it now becomes my personal work. I believe testing is driven by developing your skills as the forefront of doing such exercises. This is beyond a test, this is an expression, more of an artistic endeavor, an art form for me.

  2. I love it! Most of these are ready for print, in my opinion. So cool to see you talk about work vs. play, I never thought of it that way. Most of my favorite photos were taken while I was at play. But then again, I don’t take photographs for a living. Something in there for us both, I suspect. 🙂

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