Donate, Volunteer and Mentor

When I participate in these things, I am getting closer to the “aaa-ha” moment in life. I have a strong desire to develop a specific platform for young women (13-18yrs old) that will provide access to mentors in their community. Think “centralized hub” for all organizations to resource/access and use. This network will potentially solve many issues that women of current and past generations have faced alone, what careers are for women and how to find a path to succeed in them. It can also bestow a way for those that have fought so hard to get where they are an outlet to share and empower others (our youth which is a non-threatening demographic) so that they may feel reconnected with the women in our society. It could potentially provide women of all ages and backgrounds, a topic that can be shared in conversation and society, that will bring about a change in the way that we support each other and build our future together. It is paramount that young women of all diversities be provided with a means to succeed and what better way than being lead by the role models already in our communities.

This image was taken while caring for my grandmother in her final days. Every day there were beautiful clouds that helped me drift away from the idea of losing a mentor, idol and best friend. Those very clouds are exactly what reconnect me with her spirit and beauty. In my life may I be helpful to another as she was to me.

Currently this project is in it’s first phases of finalizing important concepts that will best facilitate advantages that are not currently being offered to the young women of our community. If you have ideas or want to participate in the development of the thoughts brought forth, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly.


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