Art, Photography and Frustration

When it comes to earning a living, my camera hasn’t been paying the bills in the last few weeks. Regardless, I have to keep venturing out to practice framing, exposure and capturing things in a way that is more unique than what the naked eye sees.

Today I was shut down before cresting the peak of creativity as it decided to pour down rain in San Francisco. And although I could wrap my camera in plastic, wear water proof clothing and pray nothing would leak into my lens or camera body, it just feels like too much for today. So I turn back indoors and pick up another form of art to practice. It’s not the same, nor is it what I want to do. What I’m hoping it will lead too is making me a well rounded artist. I did however get three shots off before turning around. It usually takes a half dozen images to warm up and figure out what it is I’d like to focus on. As you can see by these three, I was headed in a few different directions. Even so, I do believe they play well off each other. market street, san francisco CA

reflection of a tree, curbside, san francisco CA

empty bike lane, san francisco CA


One comment

  1. risewiththesun

    Really like all three of these photos. I was in SF a weekends ago and actually biked down the bike lanes to the golden gate bridge–very exquisite.

    As for the rain, here in we were also caught in quite a storm. I’m glad you were able to take photos nonetheless. I definitely was not able to!

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