Inspiration is art, art is a creative force that is sensory driven.

I found something on my walk that I felt when I first started my pursuit of photography, objects. Black and white. Simplistically complex. Compelling but mundane.

I like to photograph people, but when there are none to be found, or none that I want to find me, I find objects to be simple inspirations.

Today when I walked out the door my goal was to see exactly that which was clearer than the day before. I saw in black and white, I saw a glowing icy sense of a noon high sun. It’s high silver reflective qualities magnified by my eyes.

The simple practice of photography keeps the mind fresh and the eyes ever stretched for the unavailing of the ordinary into something extraordinary.



  1. risewiththesun

    I’m really liking this collection! Especially the first photo with the bikes. & I wholeheartedly agree with you about continually taking photos and keeping your eyes fresh! its almost addicting really–the more you start taking photos, the more you see how you can take them differently and it starts a whole positive spiral!

    • thank you for your comments/compliments! i also like your style of photography, that which is on your flickr site. would love to follow your work, perhaps you will start a blog soon?

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