Holiday Travels

San Francisco offers so much that one could forget to explore the realms of the great North West. But this holiday season, it was exactly what I did and it happened to be one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. It started by flying into Seattle to see my sister, then a  quick departure on a road trip with a few friends down to Portland where we stayed at the very fun Jupiter Hotel.

Jupiter Hotel

This is one of those out of the way places that has everything you need, good ambiance, great bar and lounge, diner for late night snacks and an amazing acoustic room that hosts an array of great talent all located at Doug Fir which is right there on the premise.

Doug Fir


The trip wouldn’t be complete without sight seeing, shopping around the Pearl District and having a Black Butte Porter from Deshutes Brewery with my friend Brian.


From here we headed back up to Seattle and spend the next few days of Xmas eve/Christmas day laughing, eating, laughing some more and eating together with my sisters family that consists of two nieces, two husbands and one boyfriend, plus the the girls from SF (me and my friend).

There was of course one day at Pikes Place where the guys at the fishery showed off for me their “flying fish toss” that they do when someone purchases a fillet of any kind. They huck the slippery thing 30ft in the air to another set of hands waiting with wax paper to swiftly wrap and package up your newly caught fresh water fish.

Pikes Place, Seattle

Another day my sister took us out to her stable where Estee (her beautiful horse) boards. She threw us up onto a few Tennessee Walkers and went out for a ride in the rain. We were graciously met after a few hours on the “range” by Phil, the owner of the land with wine in the warmth of his tack room where we sat and listened to stories of horsemanship.

When I got on the plane to come home, I wasn’t ready to leave. I love my sister for such an amazing gift this holiday season. I miss you already.



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