I was getting ready to pack up and head to the East Coast for Thanksgiving when I got the call that there was a job that week at Oracle. The only day I had was Monday morning b/f my flight at 2:30pm…which meant it had to be completed by 12:30pm so I could make it to the airport on time. Nervously I scheduled the morning of and hired a good friend to help me facilitate what I thought might be a mistake to do on a day I was flying. My friend/colleague/assistant scooped me up and grabbed a latte on the way to Oracle, arrived, unpacked and set-up. The shoot begins and all I keep thinking is let it all unfold, breath, and remember that in my mind time is going by 2x’s faster than everyone else, be patient and breeeaathhhhh. It was unbelievably seamless and ultimately successful and I was on the plane relaxed and happy after the completion of a great days work by 12:30pm.

Lesson: Align myself with current circumstances to achieve my goal.


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